Oct 25, 2016

Hanford, CA: Asia Garden Chinese Restaurant

Yesterday, after Daniel and I watched a 49er game (we lost! ugh), we decided to eat out. Well honestly, it’s more like I forced Daniel to eat. I actually felt guilty as I know he is currently on a diet (starvation mode) for his Navy PRT test. For that test, he needs to keep certain body measurements to pass it. But he is a good husband. He can’t let his wife starve. Lol

Anyways, I had few restaurants (around Hanford) in mind that I want to try, one of them is this Chinese restaurant called Asia Garden. This tiny restaurant is conveniently located in 505 E 7th St, Hanford, CA, right at the intersection of White Street and Seventh Street.

THE FOOD: It’s only the two of us, plus my hubby is on diet, so we really can’t order too much. But I told myself that I will go through each item on their menu in our next visit/s. 

Kung Pao Chicken ($8.95) 

I ordered spicy Kung Pao Chicken because I have read lots of good reviews about this dish. am not sure if the picture does our food justice, but this was amazing. This is a stir-fry dish made with chicken, peanuts, spices and vegetables. I love the crispy, crunchy, and sweetness of the vegetables that blended well with the spiciness of this dish. This is definitely a must try. The portion size could easily be shared among 3 people. 

Orange Chicken ($10.25)

I want to try something else but hubby can’t get away from the Orange Chicken. This is one of his favorite dishes. Good thing, their version was really good. Chicken was lightly breaded and it wasn’t greasy. That spicy, citrusy combination was a hit. This is one of the best orange chicken dishes I have tried. Serving size is quite big, can be shared by 2 or 3 people.

Pot Stickers ($6.50)

I am a dumpling/pot sticker fanatic. It’s pretty much guaranteed that I will order one plate of them when we eat out if they are on the menu. So, I ordered pot stickers. Yup! Not sure if they make their own pot stickers, but these were really good. They are perfectly chewy and the filling was delicious. 

THE AMBIANCE/SERVICE: I love the ambiance. It’s tiny but it’s neat. It has this neighborhood restaurant feel to it. The staff, I have observed how friendly they are towards all their customers. They never make you feel unwelcome. And they kept checking if we are good, or if we need anything. 

Overall, I highly recommend this restaurant. I think this is now my go-to food place to get my Chinese fix in Hanford.

Asia Garden                                               
Address: 505 E 7th St, Hanford, California 93230
Phone: 559-584-7308

How about you? Have you tried this place? What are your thoughts about them?


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