Aug 2, 2016

Mederma: The Most Effective Scar Treatment Gel I've Ever Tried

Please note that I am not affiliated with this company, and I am not getting paid for writing this review. I am just a very satisfied customer, and I want to share my experience with Mederma.

On January of this year, my cat accidentally scratched my face - a very lengthy and deep scratch – an inch from my right eye down to my jaw line. I would lie if I’d say I didn’t get upset when I saw my bloody face, but I can’t blame Amber because it was an accident and I know my cat loves me. Honestly, when that accident happen the first thing I had in mind was, “shit, this will leave a crazy big scar!” Yup, that’s how pathetic I can get when it comes to scar. But who doesn’t? Scar can make almost anyone feel self-conscious.

Anyway, after that accident, I spent tons of time searching through Google of ways on how I can avoid scarring. I tried everything. I took care of my wound really good. I did the “wound moist healing”, and it was very effective. I kept my wound moist by putting petroleum jelly and Bactroban antibiotic ointment.

Shortly after my wound heal I tried searching for scar removal cream, and that’s how I stumble upon Mederma. I have read good reviews about it. But the sad thing was, I couldn’t find Mederma in the Philippines.

I arrived in the US on March 18, and the first thing I did was buying a tube of Mederma Gel. Haha! I bought mine from CVS for about $28. After a month of religiously putting this gel on my face, I have seen improvements. The scar was slowly disappearing, and in my 3rd month of using this product, I can barely see the scar. I highly recommend Mederma.

Information about Mederma:
Infused with onion extract, Mederma offers both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. See drug facts and product ingredients below. 

Photo Credit: Mederma Website 

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