Mar 17, 2016

My Cat Accidentally Scratched My Face, Leaving a Lengthy Wound

My handsome cat, Amber, loves staying on top of my cabinet. It's his territory. While I was working, he accidentally fell on me. Not too sure what happened, either he was playing or was changing position while sleeping, but he accidentally slipped on the side of the cabinet and fell on me. He was scared and automatically reached with his front paws for something to grasp onto and he reached my face. And yes, one of his claws accidentally scratched my face leaving a very lengthy wound. Ouch!  

Mrs. Scar Face! Ouchie! 

I knew right away that I got hurt. With my hand on my cheek, I felt the blood running down my face. I run to the mirror to check the damage, and yikes, Amber almost got my eyes. The wound is really lengthy an inch from my right eye, down to my jaw line. I would lie if I’d say I didn’t get upset when I saw my face. I wasn’t thinking how badly I got hurt; I was more concerned of the scar after the wound heals. But at the same time, I can’t blame Amber because I know it was merely an accident. My cats never did anything in the past that would hurt me. They are all sweet to me and very loving.

Mr. Guilty! But I can't hate that face.  

Anyway, I wipe the blood and dabbed some peroxide on it to make sure it won’t get infected. Thank goodness the bleeding stopped quickly. I immediately run to my computer and check Mr. Google on how to avoid getting infected and of course, things to do to avoid scarring.

I’ve read that I need to keep the wound moist for the first few days to speed up healing. So I put generous amount of petroleum jelly on my wound to keep it moist. I also went to the nearest drug store to buy an antibiotic ointment, unfortunately they don’t have Polysporin (suggested by many), and so I ended up buying Bactroban. I hope this would truly help! I was told to cover my cuts, but I guess I’ll just do that when I go somewhere.

No signs of itching or blisters so far, it’s only been hours. I am keeping an eye on my scratch to make sure no infection will develop. I am really praying that this would heal up fast.

I will post an update next week. It looks like I will be wearing a scratch scar on my face during my visa interview which will be in few weeks time. Oh well!


  1. Oh men! I'm sure your cute cat didn't mean it and is terribly sad for what happened. I salute you for being patient too as most pet owners hit their cat or dog if they scratch them that result to an obvious scar. Hoping for your fast recovery.

    1. Oh I love them so much. I felt sorry for shouting when it happened though. It was a result of being surprised when he fell on me. But until now I felt so bad about it. My baby love is feeling so guilty over what happened. Kept giving me blinking eyes whenever I look at him.


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