Jun 26, 2015

5 Things I’ve learned in 3 Years of Marriage

Today is our third wedding anniversary.  Saying I DO three years ago was definitely the best decision I've ever made – at least I thought it was. He-he! Daniel and I have been through a lot. We fought our way through everything.  Life slapped me with the harsh reality that marriage is not an easy thing. I’ve actually learned so much in the last 3 years of being married to my best friend. Here are few things I discovered.

1. Marriage is Hard Work, It’s Not All About Romantic Dates and Lots of Sex
I think everyone knows that this is true, but it would only make sense if you experience it. When I got married, I thought it’s a done deal. We know each other well, we love each other, and the rest should be fine. But it’s really not like that. It takes a lot of hard work. We’ve had crazy arguments that gave me random stupid thoughts which include “I want us to break up” moments. But we’ve also had times where we just didn’t stop laughing.

After 3 years of being together, marriage to me is more like a game of love and war. But the more we get to know each other and work hard on our differences, the more we create a beautiful marriage. We still have a long way to go, but with our hard work and commitment, I know we can make it.

Jun 18, 2015

A Tribute to My Loving Cat, Blake, Who Died Today

Exactly 5 months and 8 days ago, I met this beautiful black cat. And I fell in love with him right at that very moment.  He’s Mama Cat’s first born. I carried his body, full of blood, while I was helping Mama Cat clean him. I heard his first “meow” which made me laugh because it was too cute. 

Days and months later, Blake grew up to be a very smart, independent, sweet and loving kitty. He’s the first one to use their shared litter box…he sort of showed Cookie and Amber how to use it. He’s the first one who tried and ate both soft and dry food. He’s always the first to learn new things and tricks.

Jun 11, 2015

Pizza Wars: CPK Philippines Pizza Chef Competition

Last Tuesday, June 9, bloggers and guests were invited to witness the finale of California Pizza Kitchen’s first-ever Pizza Chef Competition, the Pizza Wars. Three Chefs were competing using their original pizza recipes, for a chance to win 25,000 pesos. Aside from the cash reward, the winning pizza will be included in CPK’s Annual celebration of National Pizza Day in August and also, it will be added in CPK’s menu which is scheduled to be rolled out last quarter of this year.

Pizza Wars is CPK’s new adventure, designed to inspire CPK’s in-house chefs to be more passionate and creative with their craft.  The competition, started off with a store level elimination wherein each store selected one representative for the semi-finals. From the ten entries, top 3 chefs and original recipes were chosen to move to the finals. The finalists were Romel Panaligan (CPK Alabang), Leah Castillones (CPK Eastwood), and John Chloe Oplejeda (CPK Trinoma).

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