Mar 14, 2015

Sofia’s Glutathione Soap with Kojic and Collagen Review

Hello there! I never thought I’d be posting a review for Sofia’s Glutathione Soap with Kojic and Collagen too soon. I mentioned in my previous post that I will write an update in 2 weeks - that long to give the soap a chance to show some results. This soap deserves a shout out. For only Php100, I have already seen noticeable changes in just 3 days. No kidding! And I love how it smells like my favorite brand – soothing and relaxing. Anyway, here's my quick review. Note that all my opinions here are 100% honest and completely my own.   

I got these soaps for free – handed by Miss Sofia herself during our lunch with Lifestylers Media and other bloggers. I started using this Thursday night (March 12), and just days after, I amazingly see noticeable changes on my skin.  

PACKAGING: I always say this – adding personal touch can make all the difference to you and your customers. I appreciate how SVR Infinity chose to use colored ribbon on top of the paper/plastic sealed product. It gives this soap a homemade feel.

SCENT & TEXTURE: I like it. It does smell like my favorite brand. My skin is showing signs of micro peeling but I can hardly see it. The soap slowly exfoliates my skin and it’s not giving me skin dryness which is good.  

INGREDIENTS: Glutathione, Collagen, Kojic Acid, Vitamin C and E.

PRICE & AVAILABILITY: It’s only 100 pesos.  You can buy it through Zalora, Generics Pharmacy, or through their re-sellers and distributors (click here to see thelist). 

EFFECTIVENESS: The photo shows it all. Need I say more? I am personally surprised. I have been exposed to the sun lately; you can see my left arm (watch arm) getting tan lines. Just after 3 days, my tan lines are slowly fading. We all know it's not easy to even out tan lines.

RECOMMENDATION: Definitely, YES! I always consider myself a low maintenance, but not when it comes to body soaps and lotion. You name every single whitening soaps and lotions in the market, from the most expensive to the cheapest; you’d be surprised I’ve tried them all. And only few of them give quick results. May iba pa nga, very expensive but you can’t see any changes even after months of using.  

Note that I am not getting paid to review this product. Also, I want everyone to be reminded that whatever works for my skin, doesn’t necessarily mean that it would also work for you.

I don’t claim to be an expert, but here’s what works for me. Products just don’t take effect on their own – you have to help them work. When using whitening products, make sure to avoid or stay away from the sun, or use Sun Screen (SPF) as often as every 3-4 hours should you be outdoor.

Have you tried this product? What whitening soap are you using? Share your thoughts below.  



  1. Really, SVR is available in TGP (The Generics Pharmacy)? Wow, I have to get one later! I just hope that the nearest branch has one in stock! :)

    1. Hi Mommy Charm, yes they do sell SVR na sa Generics Pharmacy. :) Thanks you dropping by ;)

    2. Hi I'm trying to purchase this soap but I can't seem to find it online anywhere. I live in Melbourne australia. please help me if there's a way to get it online. My email is

      Kind regards,

  2. I thought sa DAPAT GENERICS PHARMACY lang meron. Yung kulay green na logo. Yun po kasi sabi ng nakausap ko sa contact number nila :)

    1. Yes sa Generics, tapos you can also order through Zalora and they normally have resellers in different areas.!authorized-resellers/corq

  3. im planning to buy this one next week.. sana merong SVR soap sa Generics Pharmacy Davao :)

  4. As in yung The Generics Pharmacy na ini-endorse ni Vilma Santos ? KAsi i tried looking at their online shop, wala ako makitang SVR. :(

    Saan po ba merung Dapat Generics ? Merun ba somewhere in QC.

  5. May available stocks poh be as generics pharmacy cagayan valley??

  6. Hi can anybody help me purchase Sofia's glutathione soap with kojic and collagen I live in Melbourne Australia and searched everywhere online to get a hold of a few of these soaps. My email is Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you kindly,


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