Mar 21, 2015

Dianthus Skin Renewal Set Review

Hey, it’s weekend. I hope you guys are having a great one. Today I will be sharing a satisfying experience I had with Dianthus Skin Care Products. A week ago I received products to try – a skin renewal set, and few different lotions. But heads-up, I’d like you to know that although I didn't pay for any of these products I think they’re fabulous, otherwise I wouldn't post anything about them. 

And again, I got these products for free. The package was sent to me straight from Dianthus Skin Care’s main office in Cebu. I started using the Skin Renewal Set on March 14, the day I got the products. Just after almost a week, March 20, I have already seen great results on my face. Here’s my quick review. 

PACKAGING:  Truth be told, I am a sucker for cute packaging. I tend to buy most things that look pretty and Dianthus Skin Care doesn’t disappoint. It’s simple, but it’s cute and lovely. The cream jars are finished off with contoured glass-like that fits nicely in the hand.

SCENT & TEXTURE: The Purifying whitening toner’s scent was rather strong for my liking, but I eventually got comfortable to it after few days of usage. The creams; Skin Renewal, Skin Whitening and the Skin Protection Gel, are both runny and lightweight. It’s so easy to spread on the face, and it gets easily absorbed by the skin. No sticky feeling with these creams, which is a plus. A little stinging and itching on the first 3 days of using it, but it was minimal and easy to handle.

PRICE & AVAILABILITY: Prices range from Php60 to Php1, 400 depending on the item or the package. You can visit their main branch at Sanciangko cor Osmena Boulevard in Cebu City, right in front of GV Tower Hotel. They also have a branch in Shaw Center Mall (Mandaluyong), and another one in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. You can also order online through their website or through their re-sellers.  

EFFECTIVENESS: Very effective, and it doesn’t cost a fortune! I had little acne scarring on my cheeks, my main concern whenever I use new product. The micro-peeling I had while using Dianthus Skin Renewal Set seemed to minimize, or should I say erased, those tiny scars I had. I was really pleased with the results. My skin was much smoother and clearer after the peel.

RECOMMENDATION: Yes! Just after a week, not only has it whitened my skin, I can also tell that my skin's texture had improved as well. My hairdresser even asked me the other day if I just had a diamond peel session. haha! I just went crazy with that compliment. These products are totally worth a try. Would I still continue using this? Definitely, YES! I can’t wait to try their other products as well.

Anyway, just like what I always say in my other reviews, what works for me doesn’t necessarily mean that it would also work for you. Products just don’t take effect on their own – you have to help them work. Huwag po mag-bilad sa init! When using whitening products (body or face), make sure to avoid or stay away from the sun, or use Sun Screen (SPF) as often as every 3-4 hours should you be outdoor.

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Sanciangko cor Osmena Boulevard
Cebu City, Philippines


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