Mar 11, 2015

Crunchy Garlic: BonChon’s 4th and Newest Sauce

BonChon, which means “My Hometown” in Korean, is a global brand that originated in South Korea in 2002. It began making waves in the global arena in 2006 as it entered the US market. Its cult following propelled it to international shores, with stores in Asia, including Philippines. BonChon Philippines opened its first store in November 2010 – considered one of the fastest growing QSR’s (Quick Service Restaurant) in the country with over 86 locations nationwide. 

Yesterday, I was invited by Nuffnang Philippines to be part of the launching of BonChon’s 4th and newest sauce, the “Crunchy Garlic”. Needless to say, after I received the invite, you could say that I immediately penned down the time in my schedule. Truth be told, I have never been to any BonChon branch or have tried their chicken, which adds to my excitement.  I am happy I took part of the event; I guess I have found my new favorite chicken place. 

I am crazy over fried chicken, and I thought I have already tried all the best fried chicken out there, but BonChon throws me off with their extraordinary fried chicken. Their new flavor, Crunchy Garlic, is a sweet and salty zest glaze with garlic chips sprinkled on top. It has a touch of sweetness for long lasting, mouth-watering sensation over the tongue. I love the crunch with every bite. I could honestly eat this all day!

For vegetarians, Crunchy Garlic is also available in their fish meals.

Craving for crispy chicken but too tired of getting the same, old flavor and usual fried chicken? Give BonChon a try. Gone are the days when there are no options and variety when it comes to your favorite chicken meal. With all these flavors to choose from (Soy Garlic, Sweet and Spicy, Honey Citrus, and the newest flavor Crunchy Garlic), BonChon’s chicken will definitely leave you craving for more. 

Check them out!
BonChon Chicken Philippines

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