Feb 28, 2015

Happy Caturday: Amber’s Sleep Chronicle

About last quarter of 2014, I saw a cat strolling in our place. She doesn’t have an owner. Every time I see her, I give her something to eat. At first she was scared to even get close to me, kind of like she had a bad experience with human. But after few days, she learned to trust me and would even give me kisses (slow-eye-blinking). I took her in, and I found out that she was pregnant. She gave birth to 4 beautiful little kittens; sadly “Stripes” died 2 weeks after they were born due to unknown cause. I named the renaming 3 kittens; Blake (the black one), Amber (the orange-ish one), and Cookie who look exactly like her Mom.

These little kittens make me happy every day. Somehow they are better than any anti-depressant out there. Watching them grow is a fun thing. In this post, I will share with you Amber’s little funny sleep chronicle, I’d say unusual because the two other kitties always sleep in their bed.

Amber loves playing with me. He always lay down next to me, or would do anything to get my attention. And the funny thing is falling asleep in my arms is a normal thing for him. Ha-ha! 

If he’s not in my arms, he’d be sleeping next or on top of my flip-flops.  

Or right where my dirty clothes are…he must be drunk or something! lol

Or on top of my books or shoes…Looking so tired right there. haha

Or he’d be sleeping and hugging his sister…isn't this too sweet? J

But of course there are also times, rare times, that he sleeps on their bed.

And yes, Amber is a male kitty. hehe! By the way, please excuse the quality of the photos.

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