Feb 15, 2015

OLIC Restaurant at Alphaland Makati Place

How was your Valentines’ day weekend, everyone? Mine was great; I got a priceless top-secret gift from my amazing husband. But let’s not talk about what I got, let’s talk about mouthwatering food! Haha! Usually when I want Filipino food, I hop on the nearest carinderia (also known as turo-turo), where the prices are much lower, and the food is excellent. But to be honest, it really is nice to eat well-turned-out Filipino food in something other than a carinderia environment. After all, Filipino Cuisine is great food, so why not dine in a fitting grand setting sometimes? Don’t we all love that?  

Dining at OLIC Restaurant wasn’t part of the plan that day. We were supposed to have our brunch at BORNGA Korean Restaurant, but they were still close when we got there. While waiting for the Korean restaurant to open, we decided to stroll around. And we stumbled upon this place, OLIC Restaurant

Their food was actually better than they need to be, not surprisingly the flavors were big and bold. We tried their Sisig in Kapampangan style (Php295), and it was very good. A must try! 

Their Pinakbet (Php245) was also a winner. They used traditional vegetables, fresh from their own farm, sautéed in homemade bagoong topped with bagnet. Ubos, simot sarap

This Crispy Tilapia with Buro and Bagoong (Php295) was served in a traditional yet fancy way. This dish is a proof that a simple food that presented beautifully taste better. It’s just a simple deep fried Tilapia that comes with buro (fermented rice - YUM!), and blanched vegetables, but it sure does taste different. 

They are offering both Pork and Prawns Sinigang (Php395), but since Donna is a vegetarian, we opted for Prawns. Its sour broth with tomato, sitaw, gabi, labanos and kangkong. It’s kind of the one we get at home, but with a twist, and a lot tastier. 

Lumpia Ubod (Php195) - a must try. This delicious food was made from fresh vegetables (from their own farm), served with garlic and peanut flavored sauce. The serving was quite bigger than the normal size; it would be enough for 3 persons. 

Service was professional, and the food was modern, straight forward, and well executed. Price was quite good; I’d say its average or mid range. I definitely love the place though, it’s very spacious and I love the modern-homey-traditional feel. The staff were all dressed in traditional Filipino inspired clothing, and well trained in the art of fine Filipino hospitality.  

The décor, the lovely service, the homey-feel all went hand in hand into create a harmonious dining experience at OLIC RestaurantThis place is worth a try.

Alphaland Makati PlaceAyala Ext cor Malugay St
Barangay Bel-Air, Makati City 
Phone Number: (02) 907-9729   


  1. For entrees, we went for a couple of specials. Everything, everything at San Francisco restaurants was worthy of coming back for. The amount of mussels was significant and the broth was worthy of dipping toast over and over again.

    1. Hi there...Thanks for dropping by...Which restaurant are you referring to?

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