Jan 27, 2015

Easy and Quick: How To Change Facebook Profile Picture Without Cropping Your Photo

Some friends of mine are complaining or getting irritated when one of their best photos which they want to upload as profile picture on Facebook needs to be crop for it to fit on the photo window. I’ll teach you the simplest way of uploading your full original picture without cropping it as well as the quality of your picture will not be altered.

1.) Whether you are using your mobile phone browser or your home desktop, instead of logging in using (www.facebook.com), change it to the mobile site which is (m.facebook.com). 

2.) Once you are logged in, just click on your existing photos and select the photo that you want to use as your Facebook profile picture. For photos that are not uploaded yet, you can just simple click "upload photo". 

3.) Final stage is to confirm it. Voila! You just updated your Facebook profile picture, without cropping it.

I hope this easy trick would help you out. Please like, share and leave a comment below if you found this useful, I would highly appreciate it. Thanks!

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