Jan 20, 2015

Alan’s 1st Birthday Party in a Roarin’ Jungle Safari Theme

Annyeonghaseyo! It’s been like a month since I last posted something. I have been meaning to share with you guys some new stuff I've worked on or the new Korean dramas I have watched, but work and other personal stuff seems to get in the way. I really appreciate those who've been leaving comments and sending me messages, despite the scarcity of blog posts. *kisses*

Anyway, just to break off the silence that has fallen into my blog these past weeks, here are photos from Alan’s first birthday party. I recently became a Godmother to one of the most charming little boys I have ever met. I had so much fun during the party. Alan got over 500 plus photos during that event, but I doubt I’d be able to share them all to you here. *grin*

Mommy Carol, Alan’s Mom has been planning about this party for months. Just like any other Mom, she wants the best for her son. When she told us about it, we knew exactly what she wanted. Donna, Anna and I designed those animal-printed letters in Styrofoam to fit in with Alan’s birthday theme. I’d say I have to pat myself on the back for this one. *wink*

The beautiful backdrop Carol had behind the cake and gift table are by a small company which I forgot the name. Sorry! The beautiful cakes and yummy goodies were made to match Alan’s birthday theme. It’s made by Miss Cecil, our Boss’s friend. I will post her complete information later.

The party was held at Best Western Plus Antel Hotel. The food was catered by the hotel's in-house restaurant. I’d say the food was exceptional and the children were catered for with the utmost respect.

Games weren't the best, but still, we had so much fun. We were like kiddos during the party.

We all had so much fun having our faces painted. lol It shows in our smile, right? Hehe

And finally, here's our little gift for Alan. It's not the most expensive one, but it's something well thought about. We bought it with the thought that he'd be able to still use this one until he gets 50 years old! haha

The goal for Alan's Party was to have something for everyone. Sure he's just 1 and will probably not remember it, and yes it’s a celebration for the parents as well of getting through the first year but Alan really enjoyed himself and had a good time. But he spent most of the time sleeping on my shoulder though. Haha! I love this boy so much. :)


  1. Your party planner did amazing arrangements for a perfect Jungle Safari Theme party. I like the idea of face painting. I got some unique ideas for my little angel’s first birthday party. I would try incorporating these ideas in the party!

    1. They have hired a professional party planner for this, but we did the giveaways and other decorations. Thank you for dropping by btw. Have a great day. :)

  2. The planner is extremely responsive. I'm pretty sure the event planner has a hundred weddings/events to coordinate at any given time, but still manages to respond to me within a few hours. I can tell what's on my mind to him straight and he won't get offended.

  3. Hi, can you share information about how much the function rates for this event? Looking for a venue in Makati, hope you can help. Thanks

    1. Hi Felix I will ask my friend. Have you tried contacting them?

  4. May I know where they got the birthday boy's khaki outfit from? I'm looking for a similar outfit for my son's 1st birthday party which is also a safari theme.


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