Dec 22, 2014

Maxi-Peel Project Renewal at GMA 7’s Marian Show

Improved and completely confident versions of Maxi-Peel girls, Belle, Crystal, and Shane were featured last November 29 at GMA 7’s Marian Show. They are the three lucky girls that were chosen by Marian Rivera and Maxi-Peel Skin Care to embark on a 30-day journey to self-renewal.

As a woman, I know it very well that it takes more than strength to accept a challenge like this as you need to reveal yourself as well as your skin problems to the general public. With the hope that Maxi-Peel is the answer to their skin and beauty problems, Belle, Crystal, and Shane took the 30-day challenge.

Dec 16, 2014

Taiwan Excellence- Mothers Know Best

My mother is a living proof that "Mother truly knows best". My Mom raised me on some amazingly good advice, though I never really went through a rebellious stage, I didn't completely appreciate those advice at the time. I am 28 now, when I look back, I realize how grateful I am for her insistence.

Raising me alone, my Mom is pretty much my everything – my first teacher, my nurse when I am sick, my lawyer when I get in trouble, and my superwoman. I am still amazed on how she juggles on her responsibilities masterfully, not only as a mother.

Growing up, Mom always makes sure that I get the best or we get the best things at home. Whenever she purchased something, she always checks the quality of the products and making sure that those products would last years. It’s probably because we can’t afford to buy new things all the time.

I am glad that Taiwan Excellence has launched a campaign in the Philippines that promotes high quality Taiwan-made products that meets the high expectations and requirements of the world’s most demanding consumer-- Mothers. Organized by Bureau of Foreign Trade of Taiwan (BOFT), and implemented by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), Taiwan Excellence campaign is bringing the best Taiwanese lifestyle brands with symbol of quality to the Philippines market. 

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