Nov 30, 2014

Dear, Mr. Gutierrez. Happy Birthday, SuperIronBatman!

Happy weekend and Thanksgiving week, everyone! It doesn’t really feel very festive for us, but more than ever, I feel like I have so much to be thankful for. Today is my wonderful husband’s birthday. Can I talk about this guy for a minute? Just for a minute, I promise. Lol

He's silly...funny...crazy...just like me.

I became friends with Mr. Gutierrez a little over 5 years ago. Just like any other social creatures, I also had deep underlying desire in finding that one perfect man to spend the rest of my life with. But I have never thought that he is that man. We were good friends. We have the same likes, and dislikes. He's just about as crazy as I am. I never believed in soul mate… well not…until I met him. 


“Thank you” is an understatement for how I truly feel. Throughout these years I have felt this profound sense of gratitude for being given the gift of this relationship with Daniel and his influence in my life. Though at times, I drive him bat-shit crazy, but despite that, he loves me unconditionally. He is a saint for putting up with me and loving me anyway.

Here’s my final shout out! Happy birthday, my SuperIronBatman! When you and I met 5 years ago, you really had no idea what you were getting into, did you? Sorry that you are stuck with me….forever! lol You are my favorite human being that has ever existed. I love you more than coffee (you know I can’t live without coffee!), more than books, more than pizza, and more than basically anything else. You believe in me, and you always see the best in me, and that is irreplaceable. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. Thank you. I love you. I adore you.

I'm seriously beyond glad that you were born and because of that I get to spend the rest of my life chasing after you. I miss you like crazy, Babe! 


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