Nov 4, 2014

Mom's Birthday Dinner @ Buddha Bar, Makati City

Dark, mysterious, sensuous and chic! Buddha Bar ticks every box in terms of interior decoration and high end food with Pacific Rim influences. With a giant Buddha as its centerpiece, dining here definitely creates the sense that you are in a different world, one that is glamorous, classy and sophisticated.

Located at Picar Place on Kalayaan Avenue, Buddha Bar is impressively spacious. The establishment has two floors, and outside terrace with a pool, numerous balconies where you can enjoy chilling with friends or family. Buddha-Bar Manila highlights refined and exotic cuisine with exciting mix of flavors and cultures. And I love how all the dishes are prepared to a family-style concept. It can be shared as it is served in large dishes rather than individual plates.

Even though I have read tons of reviews before making a reservation here, we still had trouble choosing what to order. We’d love to try everything but that wouldn't be possible! Haha! I opted to get what few bloggers recommended. And indeed, this Pink Lady (Php203.90 – 4 pcs) is definitely a must try. 

We have also ordered Maki Spicy Tuna (Php150.71 – 4pcs). This is one of my favorite spicy tuna rolls in the city. And this is also good for those who don't want to spend a lot of money like me. hehe!

Rex ordered Maguro - Tuna (Php257.09 - 5pcs). This tasted incredibly fresh. If we could - we'd eat sashimi and sushi every day. Yes, Rex and I are certified Japanese food lover. :D

Robert ordered this Grilled Salmon (Php780.14), it's quite good. It's served with green beans (we had a funny discussion about whether it's a monggo or what haha), and this yummy sauce. 

I ordered Petite Spring Rolls (Php283.69) for my Mom. She's limited to what she can eat, so I had to choose something healthy. This one is a Vietnamese-style spring rolls filled with vegetables and served with sweet and sour sauce. I love this one. 

We also tried this Thai Salad (Php434.40) which was just so-so. It's a combination of Green Papaya Salad and grilled shrimps and calamaris. It taste good, but I expected it to be something different. It tasted more of an Achara (say 'ah-cha-ra').

The food at Buddha Bar was scrumptious with each dish singing loudly with freshness and a refreshing quality. The service was lovely and relaxed, and the cozy interior decoration completed Mom's enchanting birthday dinner experience. The prices were a bit steep, but it’s totally worth it, definitely one of the best restaurant experiences we ever had. 

Location and Contact Information: 
Picar Place, Kalayaan Ave, 
Makati City, Metro Manila
Phone: (02) 856 6859

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