Oct 25, 2014

BORNGA Original Korean Taste in Makati City

With the onslaught of Korean dramas and K-Pop singers in Asia, it’s no surprise that a bunch of Korean restaurants sprouting all over the place. And I have no problem with that. I am a sucker to anything Korean, and it’s no secret that I’m in love with Korean food. *grin*

BORNGA is a stylishly elegant yet comfortable restaurant located on the 2nd floor of the sumptuous Alphaland Makati Place (this is their first branch in the Philippines). This place is the brainchild of the Korean celebrity Chef, Jong Won Paik, who has established 24 franchised food and beverage brands. He opened BORNGA in 1993 and it now has over a hundred branches in Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines. Dining at BORNGA was a pretty faultless experience, and here’s why. 

Oct 22, 2014

Chocolate Hills in Bohol; One of Nature's Mysterious Creations

Located in Bohol Philippines, Chocolate Hills are the island's premier attraction. During summer, the grass-covered cone shaped hills dry up and turn chocolate brown, which transforms the area into seemingly endless rows of “chocolate kisses”. 

My Hubby on top of one of the hills back in 2010

There are over 1,270 similarly cone-shaped hills creating a sea of hills over 20 square miles (50 sq km) - scattered throughout the towns of Carmen, Batuan and Sagbayan in Bohol. Heights typically range from 98 to 160 feet (30 to 50 m) with the highest reaching 390 feet (120 m).

Oct 12, 2014

Pancake House: Fluffy Pancakes, Waffles and More

I browsed my files, I have more photos of food than anything else, but it didn't surprise me. I have always been a self-confessed food and eating addict with an unquenchable appetite. Ha-ha! I think I should probably have a food blog – a separate site where I can talk about stuffing my face all over town. Lol

As for today’s post, I’ll talk about one of my favorite restaurants in the metro, Pancake House. I realized I haven’t posted anything about this place as of yet. I have been eating at Pancake House for a long as I remember. For over 5 years, this place has been my “go to” place for my type of comfort food. Here are some photos of what you can find on their menu.

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