Jul 27, 2014

Crab Mentality Among Filipinos: Excruciating Reality!

I had this awkward conversation with someone earlier regarding her friend. Awkward because nag tsismis lang si Ateng sa akin! I have been avoiding talking to those kind of people lately. Yong tipong mga tao na walang masabing maganda about other people. She truly reminds me of what I posted few years ago regarding crab mentality. 

With all the good things one can possibly do, why do a number of Filipinos chose to downplay other people? Well hindi naman siguro Filipinos lang, but mostly kasi Filipinos ang nakikita ko na ganito ang ugali. Yes, misery loves company — but how can more be merrier in misery?

Crab mentality is a way of thinking best described by the phrase "If I can't have it, neither can you." The metaphor refers to a pot of crabs in which one tries to escape over the side, but is obstinately pulled down by the others in the pot. This is very common among Filipinos. There is this unwillingness in people to allow someone to get out of dire or bad life situations, often being obstructed by friends and family members who keep sucking them back in. It is a reflection of the famous saying we all like to see our friends get ahead, but not too far ahead”. Kakaloka diba? It is very disappointing and sickening, but it’s the ugly truth.

It’s very attention-grabbing how we practice bad things rather than good ones. Just like what my friend told me; don't try to squeeze your way out of it.... 'cause everyone else will just pull you back into the predicament but even deeper than before!

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