May 25, 2014

Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro: A temporary escape from reality.

Short jeans, bikinis, flip flops! Ah I miss those days. It’s been years since I last visited Puerto Galera…yet these fun filled memories of our vacation with my dear friends/workmates still live in my heart.

How can you not love this place? Sunny blue skies, golden yellow sand, emerald sea with calm waters, puffy white clouds, the setting couldn't be any more perfect for a sight-seeing trip or a beautiful walking tour. I just love it there and would love to go back whenever I get a chance. You'll get what I mean once you lay your feet on the white sandy beach. Here are some photos of our little adventure. I will put a little guide note at the bottom part to give you an idea on how to get to Puerto Galera.

We had seafood, heaps of them, and we had lots of fun screaming our lungs out while doing the Banana Boat ride. Puerto Galera is definitely a vacation getaway that will help you regain all your inner energy once again. It’s always nice to have a breather from our hectic life.

We also went Island hopping and snorkeling. It’s fascinating to be able to swim with the fishes. I really wish to do this again, in the next summer perhaps? But will definitely bring a better camera.

How much budget you need when going to Puerto Galera: 
I couldn't exactly remember how much we spent when we were there. But I know the transportation is budget-friendly (the bus fare can cost anywhere from P130 to P200, while the boat ride costs P250 one way, and P450 for a two-way trip - environmental fee of P50 and terminal fee of P30). It would be best if you come in a group. Puerto Galera is a place best shared, especially because activities and food comes cheaper by the dozen. Accommodations can go for as low as P1, 200 for four people. And along White Beach, there are many places that serve cheap or affordable meals, there are also a 24/7 eatery that serves unlimited rice so you can really make the most of your money. 

How to get to Puerto Galera from Manila:
Puerto Galera is one of the most breathtaking getaway destinations in the Philippines: miles-long white sand beaches, lush nature. The place is three hours away from Metro Manila (1 and a half hour from Manila to Batangas, and another 1 and a half hour ferry boat ride to reach the Island. If you're already in Manila, getting there is pretty easy. If you have your own car, all you need to do is drive through South Luzon Expressway turn right to Star Toll gate and then head to Batangas Pier. From there, you can either park your car and ride a ferry going to Puerto Galera or have your car ride a RoRo ship so you could take your car with you to Puerto Galera. If you go there by Bus, you may want to click here for more detailed travel information.

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