May 12, 2014

Eat-like-a-Queen Breakfast at Country Style, Makati City

I have been living in this area for around 6 years now. And in those 6 years, this is the first time I had breakfast at Country Style Deli - the coffee shop / restaurant right across where I live. That actually sounds crazy considering that I am a food lover! Oh well, I never thought they offer an all-day breakfast meal. All I know is they are a doughnut store. HAHA! Thanks to my friend, Rex, who persuaded me to dine here.

And since I am not familiar with their meal, I just copied my friend’s order. He chose Frankfurter sausage with rice and fried egg. We were laughing when we saw the order. I just thought the sausage was too BIG. It’s a little spicy, tastes good and satisfying. This costs Php115.00. Adding a little chili sauce makes the meal a lot more enticing.

It's a doughnut place, so we ordered doughnuts for our dessert, Php25.00 each. This is what Rex ordered. I couldn't remember the name, something like nutty, but I know they call those "Krazy Squares"! lol Anyway, this taste good. I end up eating this by the way. lol

And here's my doughnut, Php25.00 also. A chocolate version of the doughnut above- but filled with a vanilla custard filling. They call it custard, but I call it Bavarian. lol

Though that was the first time I had breakfast in Country Style, I am already familiar with the chain. I have been a fan of their long and bar-shaped raised doughnut, the one filled with Bavarian.

Anyway, it's good to know that they have western-inspired breakfast menu. All along, I thought they are only selling doughnuts, different types of sandwiches and coffee to match the breads and sandwiches. The next time Hubby is in PI, I will surely take him here.

Location and Contact Information: 
7479 Bagtikan Street, San Antonio, Makati City 
Phone: 02 8951859 

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