Mar 12, 2014

Min Sok Saeng Deung Sim Korean Restaurant in Makati City

Let me start by saying I would recommend this place to anyone, even to my worst enemy! Haha! Min Sok Saeng Deung Sim is a hole-in-the-wall restaurant! If you have not given Korean food a try, like my friend Rex, this is a great place to start. Don't expect glamorous decor or interior design though, the main emphasis is on the food. 

I have been going to different Korean restaurant for years and I have never had a bad experience. Yes, I am totally-completely-addicted not only to Korean Dramas but also Korean Food. I cannot deny the deliciousness of authentic Korean food and side dishes!

Samgyeopsal (Php300.00): We chose to order the very simple yet popular grilled dish called Samgyeopsal – this is consists of thick, fatty slices of pork belly meat - served with an assortment of sides. You can make each bit taste however you like by adding different condiments. This dish was actually voted as the top Korean dish by foreigners living in Korea. This is a must try dish that will leave you wanting more!

Godeungeo Gui (Php350.00): I have seen this dish in few Korean dramas I've watched. This is a fried Mackerel - enormously popular in Korean cuisine. The fish is simply salted and either grilled over an open flame or pan fried. This is best paired with a bowl of rice and a side of vegetable dish for a satisfying meal.

It’s nice to find a Korean restaurant that serves food similar to what you would find in Korea! I have tried few Korean restaurants in the Metro and this place beats all the others hands down. Not only do they serve delicious authentic Korean food with unlimited side dish, but the prices aren't quite as steep, and the service was good.

Also what I really liked about this restaurant is that we don't actually have to cook our own food. All we need to do is watch and eat. The meat here tasted really fresh and flavorful. I loved the pork belly and the array of side dishes they gave us. Overall, I would highly recommend this place.

Location and Contact Information: 
5655 Don Pedro St cor Jacobo, 
Poblacion, Makati City 
Phone: (02) 895-9586 

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