Mar 10, 2014

Quick and Easy: How To Add Social Networking Buttons To Your Blog

I was browsing online and get fascinated with those little social media icons I saw in few websites. I wanted to copy those and thought it would also be an effective, fast-loading method to expand my contact network and social reach. So, I spent few hours trying to find a website that could teach me how to put social media buttons on the side bar of my blog. But, blah! I couldn't find any. Oh well, I found some but it requires too much “coding”. I am too lazy to follow “copy this” or “paste this” and so on. But I did try them, and only end up having a little picture on the side but not clickable. Ugh, that was sad and disappointing! 

And because of my laziness, I stumbled upon this great website, Social Media Button Maker. Definitely a heaven sent! And of course, I tried it right away. There are only 3 very easy steps to follow to get that cute little tiny buttons up and clickable on your blog. Here’s what I did. 

Step 1: Choose your design. There are about 21 different designs to choose from. And click "select" so you can start customizing the design you picked.

Step 2: Enter your profile name or user name on the space provided, next to each icon. Please refer to the photo below. Please note that you only have to add your "username" not the whole URL. After that, choose the button size that you prefer and click "preview".

Step 3: After clicking "preview", you’ll see how it will look on your page. If you’re happy with it, click "select" and just “copy” and “paste” the code on your website or blog. For Blogger users like me, just go to your blogger page, choose “Layout”, click “Add Gadget”, and choose “HTML/JavaScript”. Paste the code and save it. And that’s it, you’re done! 

This is the easiest and quickest way to get social buttons on your website. And what’s more crazy about it, it’s absolutely free! You don’t need to be a website guru to get those little icons up. Isn't it awesome? 


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