Mar 15, 2014

Gunny's Sandwich Shop in Lemoore, California (Permanently Closed)

I have absolutely nothing to blog about today. Thought I’d have my husband rescue me and write a guest post, but the thing is he doesn’t like writing. Ha-ha! Anyway, I remember him sending a bunch of pictures of Gunny’s Sandwich Shop, one of his favorite places. Daniel, just like me, loves to eat, and I know I am stating the obvious! Per Daniel, when you find yourself in the mood for mouthwatering fresh tasting sandwiches, this is the place to come to. 

Let me share with you Daniel’s experience at Gunny’s. Heck, he even did an interview with the owner. My Hubby rocks! 

This place bakes 400 pieces of bread every day. Each day, should they have any left over, they donate those. Isn't that a good thing? On Fridays, they grill 160 lbs of TRI-TIP meat for Gunny's Friday Tri-tip Sandwiches.

They have 3 sizes of sandwiches; small ($5.25), medium ($6.75), and large ($12) which can actually feed 3-4 normal people which perfectly fits with the Shop's motto "Worth the Weight". Every sandwich has a name based on nicknames given to military ranks and officers. That being said, I'll give you a little idea about the owner.

Mr. Max Vernon is a retired U.S. Marine, and spent 20 years in the Marine Corps. Giving you that idea just in case you’d wonder why he got so much “Military Stuff” inside the store. The name of the Shop comes from the nickname for a gunnery sergeant, which was Vernon’s rank when he retired. 

He came up with the Sandwich shop idea few years before he retired. According to his Facebook Page description;
"Homemade Italian loaf, a secret recipe, three types of cheese and all the fixings. It's yummy and simple. I will say I've traveled the world and these sandwiches are the best I've ever ate! I got tired of waiting for them to make their way to the West Coast, so in good Marine fashion I took the situation into my own hands." 
So I guess we now have an idea why he decided to start this business. Also in the interview with my Hubby, he stated, "He wanted to make great American food, for the great American people". By the way, Vernon's favorite sandwich is "Gunny's Pastrami".

To wrap this up - my husband loves their tri-tip sandwiches, but his favorite is "The Officer's Turkey Club". He said he loves the place for the awesome food, and a great owner that knows what great service is all about. He also added that their bread is absolutely delicious, and the prices are really good. 

If you want a homemade, fresh tasting sandwich you should give this place a try. These pictures my Hubby sent speak for it…a thousand words! I am literally drooling over these sandwiches right now. I can’t wait to try this place myself.

Location and Contact Information: 
Gunny's Sandwich Shop 
514 North Lemoore Avenue, 
Lemoore, California 93245
Phone: 559-924-7700 
Email :

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