Mar 9, 2014

Gangnam Style Korean Restaurant in Poblacion, Makati

Boss Jex is back from California. It is our company's tradition to "eat-out" whenever he is in Manila. And since we were all busy, we chose to have lunch at the nearest Korean Restaurant in the area, called "Gangnam Style Premium Korean BBQ". Here's what we ordered and our whole experience. 

It took us almost an hour before we could start ordering our meal. We just happened to have difficulties choosing what to order. Also, the waitress wasn't too nice, and almost hesitating to give us assistance. Whenever we ask her something, she replies to us with a not-so-good attitude. Anyway, after we ordered, we were given these unlimited side dishes. Yes, that's a good thing and I loved it.


I ordered Bibimbab (Php280.00). It's a signature Korean dish. The word literally means "mixed rice". It is topped with an array of individually prepared vegetables and beef and served with seasoned red pepper paste. Sorry that I wasn't able to take a photo of it before I mixed it. I was completely out of my mind that time. But this one is a "winner". Tastes really good and a must try!


My Boss's friend ordered Grilled Fish (Php250.00). It's a grilled mackerel served with soy sauce. Have I ever mentioned that mackerel had become one of my favorite fish because of Lee Min Ho's Mackerel Run mini-series? I know I am so K-Popper right there! haha! 


Carol ordered Kimchi Hot Pot or Kimchi Soup (Php500.00) that's the one on the left, and All-in-one Beef Stew (Php600.00) the one on the right. They both taste so good. The Kimchi Hot Pot is a must try!  

We have also ordered a special set of meat for grill (Php450.00). I thought they would grill it in-front of us like what other restaurants usually do. But heck, after 30 minutes, they served it to us, grilled/cooked already. But anyway, it taste just the same so it's okay. 


The place is clean and spacious. The food is undeniably good, but the service needs improvement. I just don't like that lady who served us. She wasn't too nice and helpful at all. She's probably under the weather or something happened. Anyway, they should just do better next time. I would let this level of service slide only once or twice before I would start looking for another place to eat. There's no reason why anyone should settle for lousy customer service just because the food is tasty.

Location and Contact Information: 
Address: 5739, B1 Won Rest, P Burgos Corner, 
San Lucas, Poblacion, Makati City
Landline: 02 8972262, 
Cellphone: +63 9156858366

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