Mar 18, 2014

Camayan Beach Resort in Subic : A sweet escape from the city.

People in big cities live a hectic life, and sadly, we are one of those people. We are busy at work on weekdays, and trying to get occupied on the weekends without spending too much money. Well some choose to spend more to have fun. Anyway, because of the hectic schedules we seldom get a chance to hang out or go somewhere to get away from reality even just for few hours. Then one day, one of those not-so-busy weekend, Rex decided to have a road trip going to Subic. I’m glad I joined them. I had so much fun even just for a short time. 

It took us about 2-3 hours to get to Subic. We went straight to Camayan Beach Resort. For the people who live in Manila, I think Subic is one of the places they choose to go when they want to spend time on the beach. It’s a place where you can lounge in the beach while having a great view of the Zambales mountain range and the sea, and you can swim whenever you want. The travel cost wouldn’t be as expensive as flying to Palawan or Boracay. 

Camayan is a lovely resort that has a nice beach sand (but not close to Boracay or Panglao of course) with an amazing view. I personally think it has everything life can offer for a quick getaway. It has ample parking and is very close to the Zoobic Safari and to Ocean Adventure. You can spend the day and appreciate more the Ocean and its creatures with the shows and activities they have in store for you. But too bad, I wasn’t able to witness it myself. Maybe I will be able to visit again one day. 

The general admission prices are pretty reasonable; Adult (13 years old and above) – P300, Child (12 years old and below) – P250 and Senior Citizen (with valid SC I.D.) – P240. Upon entering the resort, I was surprise with the beautiful garden and surroundings, clear waters and nice sand. It’s something you never thought you would find in a place close to Manila. Some of you might know what I mean. Considering how polluted Manila is. 

The place is so huge, no need to worry about private space. There are also cottages available for rent at the front of the beach swim area especially if you’ll be visiting for the day, and restaurants are available as well.

Though our stay was quite short, I still had fun. If you are looking for a quick getaway and/or you have kids that just want to play at the beach. Camayan Beach resort is a good place for that. No need to spend too much money on flights to Boracay. But of course, Boracay, Bohol and Palawan are so much better.

Location and Contact Information: 
Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin Forest Area, Subic Bay 2222, Philippines
Landline: (+6347) 252 8000 
Mobile:+63908 887 0369 or +63917 726 3510 

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