Feb 24, 2014

Manna Korean Garden Restaurant in Makati (Permanently Closed)

Update as of 3/20/2017.  I found out that they are now permanently closed. How sad. They were one my favorite restaurants in Makati City. 

Conveniently located at 5650 Don Pedro Street, Poblacion in Makati City, Manna Korean Garden Restaurant is quite famous among food bloggers. After work, along with my work mates, we stroll around P. Burgos to search for an open Korean Restaurant. It took us about half an hour walking around the area and finally found a place to eat. I've read good reviews about this place as one of the most recommended Korean restaurants by both Filipinos and Koreans, so why not give it a try, right?!

We ordered Samgyopsal, Bulgogi, Doeji Gochujang Bulgogi, Yulmu Naeng Myun, Galbi Yookgaejang, Lapu-lapu Gul, Tukbokki (my fave!), Sogogi Haejangkuk and Soondooboo Tchigae. And we had Soju! haha! 

Here are the beef and pork meat - grilling time! Though I’ve been to few Korean restaurants before, I’m still amused when our food is being cooked right before us. I  just love it. 
These are the side dishes served with the meat. These condiments will always come along automatically with any order. There's tofu, been sprout, potatoes, sauce, miso soup, and of course my favorite kimchi!

And this is the spicy rice cake (Tukbokki)! One of my favorites! This food taste really really really good! Definitely a must try. 

I totally forgot the name of this stew. Not sure if it's bean-paste or kimchi. haha! But it does taste really good.

My Korean rice and Lapu-lapu (Lapu-lapu Gul ) fish on top of it. The Korean rice taste better than our own rice here in PI. Not sure why. Lol

I never missed to try their famous SOJU! I only had one shot, just to try it. I don’t really drink, so one shot was enough for me. 

Of course, we had some Korean Ice Cream after our huge meal. This is like some kind of ice cream sandwich or wafer with ice cream in it. I can't really describe this one lol.

I am starting to love Korean food! I love their spicy flavors, unique taste and combination of ingredients and their presentation. By the way, don’t expect any high-end interiors or fancy decorations in this restaurant. This is the 1st Korean restaurant I have eaten in and I am very satisfied. They are a little pricey but it's worth it. Super great dinner! Good food and good conversations. I can’t wait to try out the other Korean Restaurants here in Makati.

Have you guys tried Korean Food? What's your favorite? Share your Korean Food experiences in the comment box! Thanks.

Location and Contact Information: 
Manna Korea Garden Restaurant
#5650 Don Pedro Street, Poblacion, Makati City
Telephone: +632 897-6799
Mobile Number: +63917 525-6150

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